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The Golden Merra

It's the summer of 1928. Booze smuggler and pilot Wil Driscoll has reluctantly accepted an invitation from an old foe to attend a dog racing event in New Orleans. He's on the lam from his boss after losing his cargo in a plane crash and desperately needs to strike it big. Wil soon discovers that the hotel hosting the race lay in shambles and he has to share a room with Albert Crow, an eccentric but ambitious treasure hunter who hopes the weekend's race will finance his long sought-after expedition to Mexico. When the pair meets an old flame of Wil's and has a run-in with New Orleans' notorious Black Hand gang, the event they hoped would be their ticket to riches quickly becomes much more than a day at the races.

Seven Out

When a gun goes off on board the steamer DeSoto's Glory, the adventurous and sardonic fugitive Wil Driscoll abandons his plans for buying information on a priceless artifact to make a quick getaway. An ex-pilot from the Great War turned treasure hunter, Wil had booked passage down the Mississippi River in order to learn the whereabouts of a century-old pistol used by President Andrew Jackson to kill an opponent in a duel. Wil and his partner, who have made a lucrative career during the Prohibition years not by selling booze but by finding (or as of late, stealing) historical artifacts for sale to the highest bidder, discover their informant shot and dying in a pool of his own blood, rambling, "He took it." With an armed killer on the loose, the boat sets course for the port of Lake Providence to rendezvous with the Louisiana State Police, who have been hunting Wil and his accomplice for a decade. With less than an hour to jump ship, they must track down the pistol’s murderous thief.

"...a speedy, light read, which evokes the 
derring-do of days gone by." ~ Allonym Books

"The most one-of-a-kind short historical 
fiction I've ever read." ~ Amazon customer

The first year of the United States' second war with Great Britain has been a disheartening embarassment for the young country with the Americans' advance into Canada via New York thoroughly repelled and entire swathes of the Northwest Territory now under the control of His Majesty's army. But with the British surge temporarily halted in Northwestern Ohio, crewman Joshua Nelson serving on board Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry's flagship and the rest of the American fleet on Lake Erie have the dangerous yet crucial opportunity of wresting the lake from the British and with it the primary supply line to the entire Northwest Territory.

"An exhilarating read!" ~ Amazon customer

Some men drink to drown their sorrows, killers to quiet their demons. A homeless drifter with lethal compulsions, Johnny's reasons for nursing whiskey in an empty Memphis roadhouse are clearly the latter. His efforts to curb his urges are broken when Matt Frost arrives at the roadhouse to escape the despair that has haunted him since the loss of his wife. These two very different men find they share much more in common than the drive to drink. 

"Creepy and Hitchcockian!" ~ Barnes & Noble customer

Gordon Burchfield's search for work lands him in the role of an orderly at a mental health facility. When his wife visits him for lunch during his first week at the home, Gordon explains the oddities of his new job with the mentally ill. This piece of flash fiction follow's Gordon's account and questions the line between sanity and delusion.

"A good, interesting read with a nice twist." ~ Amazon customer

A portion of all sales are donated to Read for Literacy Toledo, an organization dedicated to fighting adult and child illiteracy in Northwest Ohio. For more info, visit

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